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World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2022

World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Supports the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH)'s World Mental Health day 2022

WPA EC and Council Members

As we come to the end of the Mental Health Awareness month, WPA would like to promote awareness of this year’s World Mental Health Day.

Organised by the WFMH, World Mental Health Day we be celebrated on the 10th of October 2022, with the theme ‘Make Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority’. This theme was chosen by a global vote that was open to the public, including WFMH members, stakeholders, and supporters.

As we all emerge from the pandemic, it is clear that no nation was ready for the associated mental health crisis and the effect of long COVID. In addition, many health systems are ill-prepared to deal with the physical and mental health challenges faced by their populations. On top of the pandemic, the world is also struggling to cope with effect of the war in Ukraine, the consequential displacement, climate emergency and a cost-of-living crisis, all of which have consequences for the well-being of world citizens.

Rates of people experiencing suicidal ideas are increasing globally and people with lived experiences of mental health, their families and other populations continue to tell us that their mental health well-being is not always at the forefront of governments, those who pay for services or society at large. However, we can all play our part in increasing awareness about what preventive mental health interventions work.

The 2022 World Mental Health Day theme ‘Make Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority’ provides us with an opportunity to re-kindle our efforts to make the world a better place.

WPA supports WFMH and invites everyone to join this year’s World Mental Health Day campaign.

More information about the WFMH and World Mental Health Day 2022 can be found here.

Author: WPA