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World Psychiatric Association Statement on Terrorist Attacks || October 2023

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

The recent horrifying terrorist attacks in Israel, with their unimaginable slaughter and hostage-taking leads to unfathomable consequences. It also evokes memories of targeted terrorist attacks, including those on Jews, Muslims and other populations around the globe.

The ongoing military conflict is causing immense suffering among the civilian populations of Gaza and Israel. The need for humanitarian assistance and the protection of all civilians is essential.

As psychiatrists and mental health professionals, we know that mitigating the psychological toll of these events is as important to the long-term health of individuals and societies as are sustenance and medical aid. For anyone seeking help – for themselves or another – to cope with trauma or with the effects of a humanitarian emergency, links to information and guidelines can be found at the WPA’s Educational Trauma Resource Center. This collection includes information specific to parents, teachers, family members, friends, and mental health professionals.

Author: Submitted on behalf of Executive Committee, WPA


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