WPA ACRE Sub-Committee Supports the Important Lundbeck Contribution to Ukraine

WPA and its ACRE Sub-Committee on Humanitarian Help to Ukraine is Supporting & Recognising the Important Contribution of Lundbeck to Ukraine

In response to the war, and due to the grave concerns about the wellbeing of the Ukrainian people, particularly psychiatric patients and psychiatric staff, the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Advisory Committee on Response to Emergencies (ACRE) established a sub-committee to plan and implement support in collaboration with the Ukrainian Member Associations and identified psychiatric professionals responsible for emergency cases. This sub-committee of ACRE is chaired by Prof. Danuta Wasserman (WPA President Elect), who has established collaborations with other professional organisations for preparing humanitarian activities.

The ACRE sub-committee’s two central goals are:

  • Acquire economical support through donations from WPA Member Societies in order to buy and deliver psychiatric medications to psychiatric patients in Ukraine and persons with acute mental health needs. Notably, the WPA and European Psychiatric Association (EPA) have agreed to join forces regarding the purchase and appropriate transfer of medications and technical supplies.

  • Establish a trauma resource centre on the WPA website. This has now been created and is available on the WPA website. Resources will continue to be added as and when they are received and authorised.

The WPA ACRE sub-committee has been working with member societies to secure donations and we are happy to share that the first delivery of medication donated by Lundbeck arrived safely at a Lviv hospital in Ukraine this month (May 2022). Local Lundbeck employees are also aiding deliveries to other hospitals throughout Ukraine.

This donation was as a result of WPA’s and the Swedish Psychiatric Association’s combined support to the request by both Ukrainian Psychiatric Associations to Lundbeck for the Fluanxol, Clopixol and Truxal products. Lundbeck is now currently working on further shipments of the remaining products.

Simultaneously, Lundbeck is also working with their local management in neighboring countries to establish how and where their products can be used to help the Ukrainian refugees currently residing in these regions.

WPA ACRE sub-committee supports the generous donations and work being done by Lundbeck and urge other companies to do the same.

Author: Prof. Danuta Wasserman