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WPA and RSM announce collaboration for association members

As part of the World Psychiatric Association’s (WPA) objective to give visibility and accessibility to associations working in the field of mental health from around the world, WPA are delighted to announce the recent collaboration with the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM).

The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is one of the UK’s leading providers of continuing learning in healthcare. Their vision is ‘better healthcare for better lives’ and they aim to achieve this by sharing learning and supporting innovation on the science, practice and organisation of medicine. The RSM has 50+ Sections that cover all the major specialties and topics of interest in medicine and healthcare, Psychiatry being one of their most popular, rich with study opportunities and knowledge in all that relates to psychiatry.

Dr. Afzal Javed, President of the WPA, commented “with this mutually beneficial collaboration, we are able to not only provide a wider audience for the RSM, but our WPA members are able to benefit from a wealth of medical information and educational resources as well as a number of networking opportunities with their peers. We are excited by this opportunity and see it as the beginning of many more such collaborations with other organisations supporting mental health issues globally.”

Professor Henrietta Bowden-Jones OBE, President of the Psychiatry Section at the RSM, said: “I am delighted by the news of this newly formed partnership between the RSM and WPA, which joins two large and influential medical bodies, bringing together expertise and knowledge, and indicates our Society’s total commitment to share best practice globally.”

With this collaboration, WPA members can now have a 20% discount when joining the RSM

Being a member of the RSM brings countless benefits - including a world-class online library with unlimited access to e-resources and five major databases, reciprocal clubs in 23 countries and offers and discounts in various products and services. Members also have access to the imposing building in Central London – which comprises an exclusive restaurant, bar, and hotel accommodation, as well as meeting rooms, and one of the most prestigious medical libraries in Europe.

RSM members can also book online and attend hundreds of free or discounted meetings and webinars across 55 specialties, and most of them come with CPD accreditation. As a member, you will have the chance to enter prizes and will be presented with numerous opportunities to network with colleagues and industry heads.

To obtain the 20% discount or if you have a specific question regarding your RSM membership, please contact the RSM Membership Team via email:

Author: WPA

**Please note this offer is only applicable to new customers and excludes Student membership and our standard terms and conditions apply.



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