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WPA Asian Task Force’s Webinar Series on Stigma is now available on the WPA Education Portal

The latest Stigma webinar series is ready to access on the Education Portal

The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) through its current Action Plan aims to increase knowledge and skills necessary for work in the field of mental health and care for individuals living with mental illnesses. Stigma is universal and is highly prevalent developing countries it. In response to this, President Prof. Afzal Javed formed a special task force on fighting stigma, especially in the Asian region.

This webinar series was created and delivered by the WPA Asian Taskforce. The webinar series is titled ‘The fight against Stigma: An Unmet need for practicing psychiatrists’ and currently comprises of 5 webinars available with plans for more in the future.

Each webinar explores stigma through a different lens with high profile speakers who are experts in this field. The webinars can be viewed on the Education Portal via the direct links below:

Those who view the webinars will be able to download the WPA CPD Certificate and associated CPD points for each webinar via the WPA's Education Portal.

For any queries relating to this education module or the WPA Education Portal in general, please contact

Author: WPA Education Coordinator



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Apr 13

The WPA Asian Task Force's Webinar Series on Stigma, led by President Prof. Afzal Javed, addresses mental health stigma in Asia. Featuring high-profile speakers, it equips psychiatrists to provide better care. Earn CPD Certificates for each webinar, reinforcing efforts to combat stigma.

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