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WPA President Releases Triennium Book Highlighting Vital Contributions Made by WPA Components

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

President of World Psychiatric Association (WPA) reflects on three years of his term and releases a triennium book to highlight the vital contributions made by the WPA components and to share the future directions for our global work.

WPA Triennium Book

In a significant milestone for the WPA, the current president, Dr. Afzal Javed, has released a comprehensive eBook detailing the wide-ranging activities and accomplishments during his triennium (October 2020 to October 2023). This publication aims to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions made by WPA components while outlining future directions for the association's global initiatives.

The President also took a moment to acknowledge the pivotal role played by the Editor of the acclaimed World Psychiatry, as well as the Chairs and Members of WPA Standing Committees on Planning, Finance, Education, Sections, Meetings, Publication, Ethics, Review, Nomination, and Accreditation. These individuals, through their dedicated efforts, have significantly contributed to the organization's mission.

What makes this eBook particularly noteworthy is that it represents the first-ever compilation of the triennial activities of the WPA into a single publication, offering a comprehensive overview of the organisation's objectives and the means by which they have been achieved them. Incorporating reports and contributions from the 2020-2023 Action Plan Working Groups, the Position Statement Working Groups, Executive Committee members, and their Standing Committees, WPA Council, the Editor of World Psychiatry (WPA Journal), Zonal Representative, and many more, the extensive book covers a wide spectrum of psychiatric areas, providing a roadmap for the international membership's future endeavors.

Dr. Afzal Javed passionately conveyed his motivation for bringing this project to fruition, saying, "I wanted to create this eBook to consolidate the Association's collective efforts and celebrate the remarkable strides we've made together. It's not just a record of the achievements of WPA's components, but a testament to the unwavering commitment of everyone involved in the WPA community."

He also expressed profound thanks to colleagues on the Executive Committee, the Board, and the Council. Their steadfast support, he emphasised, had been the cornerstone of his leadership during challenging times. "Their guidance and unwavering dedication," he noted, "have been the driving force behind our shared accomplishments."

The hope is that this publication will be widely read and utilised as a reference point for charting the course of the Association's global role in the future. It serves as a testament to the WPA's commitment to advancing the field of psychiatry and promoting mental health on a global scale.

The full book can be read here or downloaded as a PDF here.

Author: Dr. Afzal Javed, WPA President


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