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WPA’s Upcoming Webinar on Psychiatric Rehabilitation

On Thursday 28th October at 7pm HKT, the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) will be hosting a free webinar on ‘Rethinking and experience sharing on Psychiatric Rehabilitation’. Delivered by global experts – Dr. Kamonnet Wannasewok and Prof. Tsuyoshi Akiyama – this webinar will provide a new insight into this important area. This interactive event will also include a discussion forum with a team of experts and the opportunity to have your questions answered.

Designed for mental health professionals, especially psychiatrists working in the field of severe mental illnesses, it aims to increase knowledge and understanding of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

With increasing advances in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, many mental health care services have invested their current resources in these related areas. While new medications and psychotherapeutic approaches are undoubtedly pivotal, it is also important to focus on enhancing the recovery of patients through psychosocial rehabilitation.

During the 2-hour webinar, our experts will discuss and debate enhancing patients’ recovery through psychosocial rehabilitation. Examples of rehabilitation practices in Japan and Thailand will be used to illustrate how psychiatric rehabilitation practice can incorporate existing mental health, social care, housing care and spiritual care resources to create synergy in providing a culturally relevant and acceptable psychiatric rehabilitation model.

WPA is pleased to offer this webinar complimentary thanks to the support of Otsuka Hong Kong Limited. The collaborating partners are WPA Zone 16, WPA Zone 17 and WPA Section of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Attendees can also choose to earn credit points and a WPA CPD Certificate on completion of the webinar for a fee of USD $15.

Registration for the webinar will open in early October. Places will be limited so please ensure you are subscribed to WPA’s newsletter to be notified of when registration opens. To subscribe, please scroll down to the page footer where you will see a "Subscribe Now" red button.



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