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Psychiatric Rehabilitation

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Mental illness impacts not only cognitive, mood, and personality factors but also on many important roles. Psychiatric rehabilitation is a complex multidisciplinary process involving intensive collaborations including biological, psychosocial, vocational, educational, and legislative to work with individuals with mental illness, their families and the community.


Goals are to maximising functioning, supporting community integration and improving the quality of life of people suffering from the consequences of mental disorder which will lead to increase productivity and benefit of society. It should be accessible for anyone who requires it because mental health is a fundamental human right.


The purpose of the WPA Section on Psychiatric Rehabilitation is to promote collaboration among psychiatrists who are interested in psychiatric rehabilitation in order to support education both for the public and professional. We consider this as essential as a part of promoting the availability of psychiatric rehabilitation services in different areas of the world.


*Reference Cancro R. Consensus statement on rehabilitation of persons impaired by mental disorders. August 1, 2002.

Section officers



Medhat Elsabbahy (UAE)

Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Gulf Medical University

Consultant Psychiatrist, REEM Neuroscience Centre

151 Hameem St - Al Nahyan - Abu Dhabi




Alberto Fergusson

Address: Rosario University & Institute of Accompanied Self rehabilitation  
Bogota - Colombia - South America
Tel: 573114503605


Kamonnet Wannasewok

Address: Department of Psychiatry,
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
Mahidol University, 10700 Bangkok, Thailand

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