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Psychiatry in Developing Countries

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Raison d'être for a separate section is cross cultural similarities and common challenges of a mismatch between needs and availability.


Specific plans for the Triennium 2021-2024 include a SOP’s for long COVID psychiatric management in developing nations b) survey for CMD and SMI’s prevalence among developing nations c) patho-plastic effect of culture on phenotypic presentations of mental illness (cross cultural comparison) d) networking for joint research activities

and e) using local resources among developing nations for strengthening undergraduate curriculum in psychiatry.

Section Officers


Rahesh Nagpal.jpg

Rajesh Nagpal

Manobal Klinik, A-2, Ground Floor Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, India

Tel- 011-2517059, 9810037469


Valsamma Eapen.jpg

Valsamma Eapen

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Mental Health Centre, Level 1, Liverpool Hospital, 1 Elizabeth Street, Liverpool NSW 2170

Tel: 96164245, 87386387


Leon Cohen Bello.jpg

Leon Cohen Bello

Doctor of Psychology, Specialist in Psychiatry and Medical Psychology, UBA Head of Department of Psychiatry of CWS- Heath Medical Centre 2006-to date


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