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Psychiatry & Sleep Wakefulness Disorders

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Woman Sleeping



Martin Hatzinger - Chair - Psychiatry &

Martin Hatzinger

Address: Psychiatric Services Weissensteinstr. 102 4503 Solothurn Switzerland
Phone: +41 32 627 1111
Fax: +41 32 627 1466


Thomas Paparrigopoulos - Co-chair - Psyc

Thomas Paparrigopoulos

Address: Athens University Medical School 1st Department of Psychiatry Eginition Hospital 74, 
Vas. Sofias Avenue 115 28 Athens Greece
Phone:+30 210 7289313


Christoph Nissen - Secretary - Psychiatr

Christoph Nissen

Address: University Psychiatric Services Berne, Bolligen Strasse 111
Phone: +41 31 930 91 11

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Our section is active since many years and focusses their efforts on providing information about sleep and sleep-related disorders to clinical health professionals as well as to optimise diagnoses and therapy of sleep disorders. Since sleep is an interdisciplinary field, one of the main purposes is linking sleep specialists from all over the world. Thus, we hope that our section can mediate between theoreticians, practitioners, educational institutions, specialist societies and social institutes in order to improve the recognition of sleep disorders and their treatment.

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