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Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry

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The WPA "Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry" Section officially began in 2002, finding its place as one of seventy-two WPA sections, after a long process coordinated by Daniel Simon Kipman (France). The aims of the section/study group are to explore how psychoanalysis may enrich daily clinical practice of psychiatry and provide a forum for interdisciplinary trans-theoretical discussions. Section members study links between theory and practice of psychodynamic psychiatry, neuroscience, social sciences, the humanities and clinical research.


The "Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry" section concerns itself with: The dissemination of psychoanalytic theory to psychiatrists and other expert mental health clinicians. · The promotion of discussion of the role and function of psychoanalysis in psychiatry, medicine, and healthcare in general. The creation of links with different fields of research – within psychiatry itself and also other fields providing psychiatrists and mental health clinicians worldwide with opportunities to advance psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy competency and performance through educational activities.

More detailed information about our Section and our activities can be read here.

Section Officers


Hervé Granier

Address: 39 Boulevard des Arceaux, 
34000 Montpellier, France
Phone: +33 6 88 06 71 35



Graciella Onofrio

Address: Universidad de Buenos Aires, 
Instituto Universitario del Hospital Italiano, Arganaraz 82, 
Buenos Aires 1414, Argentina
Phone: +54 9 11 1541435858


Saman Tavakoli

Address: Unit 2, No.61, 21st St., Janbazan St.,20th St.,
North Kargar Ave., Tehran, Iran
Phone: +98 21 882 23 292

Chair Emeritus and Consultant

Michel Botbol

Address: Western Brittany University Hôpital de Bohars Service universitaire de psychiatrie infanto juvenile 29820 Bohars France
Phone: +33 2 98 01 50 45
Fax: +33 2 98 01 52 98
Michel Botbol.jpg

>> Please click here to see the Section Members list.

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