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Vladimir Carli(Sweden)

Address: Vladimir Carli National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Ill-Health, 
Karolinska Institutet,  Stockholm,  Sweden 
Phone: 46 70 7533524


Danuta Wasserman (Sweden)

Address: National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Ill-Health (NASP), 
Karolinska Institutet,  Granits väg 4, Solna,  171 65 Stockholm,  Sweden  
Phone: 46 73 377 9195
Fax: 46 8 30 6439 


Jean Pierre Kahn (France)

Address: Nancy University Medical Center,  CHUV de NANCY – Université de Lorraine,  Bâtiment Philippe Canton – Hôpitaux de Brabois,  Rue du Morvan,  54511 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy,  France 

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