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Working Group on Intellectual Disability

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The WPA Working Group (WG) on Intellectual Disability (ID) has been tasked with the following:

  1. Develop a Global Framework for Action in Intellectual Disability (Intellectual Developmental Disorder) 

  2. Enhance Visibility, Engagement and Leadership in Intellectual disabilities (Intellectual Developmental Disorders) 

  3. Prioritize capacity development with regards Policies, Plans and Guidance on Interventions, Clinical & Research Training and Medical Education related to Intellectual Disability (Intellectual Developmental Disorder) within a Neurodevelopmental and Lifespan framework.

  4. Prioritize the Work of the Membership in Low-Resource Countries 

  5. Work with other Action Plan 2020-2023 Working Groups to ensure that classification and management are coordinated

  6. Collaborate with the World Health Organization (WHO) Development Group to prepare an evidence-based package of rehabilitation interventions (PRI) across service delivery platforms in low-resource countries.


Working Group Leadership Team
Kerim Munir.jpg


MD, MPH, DSc, child and adolescent & adult psychiatrist; USA

Ashok Roy.jpg



Avatar 102


MD, child and adolescent psychiatrist; France

Working Group Members


Muideen O. Bakare,

MB BS, FMCPsych, consultant psychiatrist; Nigeria


Ozgur Oner

MD; child and adolescent psychiatrist; Turkey


Satish C. Girimaji

MB BS, child and adolescent psychiatrist; India


Gregorio Katz

MD, child and adolescent and adult psychiatrist; Mexico

Marco O. Bertelli

MD, psychiatrist and psychotherapist; Italy



Luis Salvador-Carulla

MD, PhD, psychiatrist; Australia


  • Organise collaborative and inter-sectional symposia and workshops during the WPA World Congresses, as well as Thematic and Regional Meetings.

  • Develop a range of recorded lectures, live and recorded webinars, and resource documents

  • Support development of in-country capacity in low-resource settings through the facilitation of high impact activities and regional collaborations that leverage, share and disseminate relevant content

  • Prepare a report on “IDD: A Global Framework for Action” emphasizing global inter-sector service, training and medical education goals

  • Collaborate on articles in scientific journals as well as chapters in leading textbooks with specific reference to the dissemination of the evidence-based knowledge 

  • Partner with national and global institutions including the WHO, UNICEF, NIH, Welcome Trust, Grand Challenges in Mental Health, and International Initiate for Disability Leadership (IIDL), among others, to obtain funding in support of good clinical practice, research and training with relevance to low resource countries

  • Support government initiatives, plans, policies as they intersect with the WG ID remit

  • Develop joint initiatives with other Working Groups and Scientific Sections, in the salient areas of public mental health, child and adolescent & youth mental health, comorbidity, etc.

  • Provide a selection of evidence-based interventions appropriate for service delivery platforms in low-resource regions

  • Create a list of the training and resources required to implement selected requisite interventions.

Working Group Publications

Textbook of Psychiatry for Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder.webp

Textbook of Psychiatry for Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Editors: Marco O. Bertelli, Shoumitro (Shoumi) Deb, Kerim Munir, Angela Hassiotis, Luis Salvador-Carulla

  • Represents a comprehensive treatise for trainees and professionals

  • Includes detailed consideration of etiopathogenetic factors, clinical features, assessment procedures, diagnostic criteria, treatment, and prognosis

  • Provides a wide overview that will be also interesting for a variety of professionals

WPA GLOBAL E-HANDBOOK ON IDD new- April 2024.png

WPA Global E-Book on Intellectual Developmental Disorders

Editors: Kerim Munir, Ashok Roy, Afzal Javed

​This is an open-access handbook focusing on aspects of the psychiatry of intellectual developmental disorders (IDD), also known as intellectual disability and learning disability, with invited authorship from both high and low-and-middle-income countries.

News from our Working Groups

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