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Executive Committee Election Results

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Executive Committee Election Results

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WPA Executive Committee Election Results

Image by Arnaud Jaegers

Results of Elections for all open Executive Committee positions shown in order below. Elected candidates are highlighted in red.  Click the category to see a breakdown of results.  Candidacy documents (CV, personal statement etc.) are also available for all elected candidates below.

President Elect: 4 candidates


  1. Thomas G. Schulze 

  2. Vinay Lakra 

  3. Tarek Okasha                                       

  4. Irina Pinchuk                                                

  5. Mysore Renuka Prasad                                  

Secretary General: 1 candidate


  1. Saul Levin 

Secretary for Education and Publications: 5 candidates

  1. Norbert Skokauskas 

  2. Gil Zalsman 

  3. Vaishnav Mrugesh 

  4. Debashish Basu                          

  5. Wendy Burn                  

Secretary for Scientific Sections: 3 candidates

  1. Armen Soghoyan 

  2. K Sonu Gaind 

  3. Neeraj Gill                               





President elect
Secretary General
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