What is the Board?

Eighteen board members (also known as zonal representatives) across five world regions act as mediators between the association’s member societies and governing bodies of WPA.  These are elected roles, voted on every three years at the General Assembly during the WPA World Congress of Psychiatry.


Board members play a key coordinating role within their WPA zones. They encourage collaboration among WPA Member Societies in their zone and stimulate their participation in WPA activities; support the dissemination of WPA-related information and educational materials; and assist the executive committee in ascertaining the needs of member societies and the ways in which these needs can be met. 

Board Members

Karandeep Sonu Gaind

Edmond Hsin-tung Pi

Zone 2--United States of America


Virginia Rosabal

Zone 3--Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean


Silvia Gaviria

Zone 4--Northern South America

sgaviria2@hotmail.com; slgaviria@ces.edu.co

Alfredo Cia

Zone 5--Southern South America


Gisèle Apter

Zone 6--Western Europe


Jyrki Korkeila

Zone 7--Northern Europe


Zvi Zemishlany

Zone 8--Southern Europe


Stojan Bajraktarov

Zone 9--Central Europe


Oleg Skugarevsky

Zone 10--Eastern Europe


Owoidoho Udofia

Zone 13--Central and Western Africa

drudofia@gmail.com; udofia@unical.edu.ng

Nahla Nagy

Zone 11--Northern Africa


David M. Ndetei

Zone 14--Eastern & Southern Africa

dmndetei@uonbi.ac.ke; dmndetei@amhf.or.ke

Suhaila Ghuloum

Zone 12--Middle East


Khalid Attaullah Mufti

Zone 15--Central and Western Asia


M S V K Raju

Zone 16--Southern Asia


Winston Shen

Zone 17--Eastern Asia


Allister Bush

Zone 18--Australasia and the South Pacific


About WPA
The WPA is the global association representing 140 psychiatric societies in 120 countries, and bringing together more than 250,000 psychiatrists.  It promotes collaborative work in psychiatry through its 70+ scientific sections, education programs, publications and events. 
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