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Our Organisation

The WPA was established to promote the advancement of psychiatry and mental health for all citizens of the world. Existing since 1950 as a strong and credible voice in the field of mental health, WPA is an association of national psychiatric societies.

As a global association, WPA occupies a unique position in psychiatry.  It supports and partners with its Member Societies and is strengthened by effective links with and between them. It benefits from working collaboratively with international agencies, leading non-government and civil society organisations, and research institutions in many countries. It has a formal relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO) and a joint work program with the WHO’s Department of Mental Health.  It also works closely with the World Medical Association and other organisations dealing with mental health.


The WPA network is much enhanced by linking the experience of professionals and communities: especially people with a lived experience of mental ill-health and their carers.  


WPA's vision is a world in which people live in conditions that promote mental health and have access to mental health treatment and care that meet appropriate professional and ethical standards, integrate public health principles and respect human rights.  

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