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Executive Committee

Executive Committee (EC)

The WPA Executive Committee (EC) is a group of eight representatives elected by WPA members at the triennial WPA General Assembly.  It's primary role is to guide the work of the Secretariat and to deliver on the relevant Action Plan for the triennium.  


More specifically, the EC implements the decisions of the WPA General Assembly; administrates WPA resources; ensures that WPA statutory functions are carried out by all officers and staff; produces, updates and supervises the application of the WPA Manual of Procedures; and prepares the materials for the WPA General Assemblies. 


Professor Afzal Javed was appointed President-Elect at the 2017 World Congress of Psychiatry in Berlin.  In 2020, he assumed the role of President and launched the 2020-2023 Action Plan.

As President, Afzal leads the work of the Executive Committee, ensuring the group remains focused on fulfilling the vision of WPA and on reaching its goals as outlined in its charter and in the current Action Plan.

In addition to his roles as a Consultant Psychiatrist at the UK NHS,  Honorary Clinical Associate Teacher at Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick UK and honorary Chairman of the Pakistan Psychiatric Research Centre, Fountain House, Lahore, Pakistan, 

Afzal also fulfils his role as WPA President by liaising with member societies across the globe, supporting their local endeavours and sharing knowledge and information between them.  

Dr Afzal Javed
2020_Danuta Wasserman.jpg

Danuta Wasserman

President Elect

The President-Elect's role is to support the work of the President and to fill-in or represent him when he is absent or if he is unable to fulfil his duties. The President-Elect, also chairs the WPA Standing Committee on Planning. Danuta will become President in 2020.


Paul Summergrad

Secretary, Finances

The Secretary for Finances is responsible for all policies related to finances, investments, fundraising, auditing of the accounts, contracts as well as for the prudent expenditure of the WPA funds.  He works with the WPA Board to set yearly budgets.

Michel Botbol.jpg

Michel Botbol

Secretary, Publications

The Secretary of Publications is responsible for implementing the editorial policies of the WPA and maintains oversight of its publications. He is a member of any publication committee appointed by the WPA Executive Committee. 

Thomas Schulze.jpg

Thomas G. Schulze

Secretary, Sections

The Secretary of Scientific Sections coordinates the Scientific Sections and is responsible for implementing any policies as related to their work.  He serves as an advisor to the Sections and facilitates intersectional collaboration.


Roger Ng

Interim Secretary General

The Secretary-General ensures that the Secretariat properly supports the work of the WPA and EC.  He acts as liaison between the WPA board and committees, and ensures members are kept informed of any discussions and decisions. He chairs the Accreditation Committee.


Roger Ng

Secretary, Education

The Secretary for Education coordinates the educational activities of the WPA and works with WPA zonal representatives, members and the Secretaries of Sections and Meetings to ensure relevant distribution and access to educational programs.

Edmond Pi.jpg

Edmond Pi

Secretary, Meetings

The Secretary for Meetings oversees the coordination of all official scientific meetings of the WPA. He is responsible for WPA World Congresses of Psychiatry and assists in all other scientific meetings work.

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