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The WPA Section on Comorbidity of mental and physical disorders came into existence in 2016.  The proposal for its creation argued that it is important that the World Psychiatric Association takes action concerning the physical illnesses of people with mental illness because comorbidity leads to premature death of people with mental illness and significantly decreased quality of life of the sufferers. The program of the Section will include the organization of scientific symposia and other meetings during the World Congresses of Psychiatry, during other scientific meetings and independently, the development of educational materials and webinars concerning comorbidity and its management and the production of WPA position statements based on evidence about comorbidity and outlining WPA position on the matter.

Terms of reference of the WPA Action Working Group on Comorbidity


  1. To identify topics related to comorbidity of mental and physical disorders and develop recommendations for WPA’s involvement in research, education and service development relevant to dealing with problems related comorbidities of this type

  2. To identify individuals and centres interested and willing to participate in WPA’s program of research and education related to the comorbidity of mental and physical disorders

  3. To liaise with other WPA Action Plan Working Groups with a view to ensure that problems of comorbidity are considered in the work of these groups

  4. To propose the organization of symposia, workshops and other types of meetings

  5. To prepare reviews of evidence and drafts of position papers

  6. To create training programs

Section Officers


Norman Sartorius.png

Norman Sartorius



Phone: 41 22 788 2331


Dan Siskind July 2023.jpg

Dan Siskind 


University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine

Woolloongabba Community Health Centre
Level 2 Mental Health, 228 Logan Rd
Woolloongabba, QLD, 4102 AUSTRALIA


Deputy Chair


Najma Siddiqi


University of York & Hull York Medical School

Department of Health Sciences

Room A/RRC/203b, ARRC Building

University of York, Heslington, YORK, YO10 5DD, UK



Susanna portrait photo.jpg

Susanna Every-Palmer


Head of Department | Department of Psychological Medicine 

University of Otago, Wellington 



de Girolamo foto.jpg

Giovanni De Girolamo



Phone: +39 0303 50 1590

>>Please click here to see the Section Members list.

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