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WPA seeks to promote equitable access to optimal mental health care by competent psychiatrists - right across the globe. 

This requires access to quality mental health education.  

With some 70% of university psychiatric faculty members concentrated in just 30% of countries in the world, access to quality mental health education does not come easily for everyone.  Now, more than ever, it is vital that we find ways to provide mental health training and supervision outside of the more traditional face-to-face channels.

WPA's new Education Portal* provides a connection between trainers and trainees no matter where they are in the world, enabling the transfer of knowledge and skills through a variety of multi-modal learning opportunities.  Training resources are available on a range of topics in a variety of languages and are accessible to any learner with an internet connection.


Through its Education Portal, WPA seeks to enhance education and training opportunities for psychiatrists, health professionals, students of relevant specialties, service users and carers all over the world.

WPA thanks Teva Pharmaceutical (Teva) for an unrestricted educational grant for the creation and initial development of the Portal

WPA also thanks VIATRIS for their continued support of the continued development of the Portal




WPA welcomes the support of organisations, like TEVA & VIATRIS, to continue the success of the Education Portal and ensure it remains a valuable tool for mental health professionals around the globe (especially those in low-and-middle-income countries).  If your organisation is interested in supporting WPA on this important project please contact

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