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Exercise & Sports Psychiatry

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Sport is an important part of life. Both Professional and amateur athletes can face substantial challenges in the sport environment, such as accidents witnesses or experienced, pressure by the group or training environment in addition to the mental health problems unrelated to sport that might still influence performance and coping. Professional and especially young athletes frequently are exposed to very difficult situations in the highly competitive sport environment; experience forced doping or even sexual or other abuse and might develop a broad range of problems, including posttraumatic stress, eating disorders or even commit suicide.


Healthy sport is on the other hand important in society and in public health, life style Psychiatry or as supportive element in Psychiatric treatment. The section is active in developing interventions, statements, training, and training materials and wants to contribute to awareness raising in collaboration with other sections.

Section Officers



Thomas Wenzel

Medical university of Vienna, Waehringer Guertel 18, A-1090 Vienna, 



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Reem Alksiri

CEHRI, Jongkindlaan 37, Alkmaar



David Baron - Chair - Psychiatry, Medici

David Baron

Department of Psychiatry
Keck School of Medicine
University of Southern California 
Los Angeles, CA 90089 United States of America   

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