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World Psychiatric Association Announces 2023 Election Results

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Vienna, Austria, 30th September, 2023

Following a successful General Assembly held during the World Psychiatric Association’s (WPA) 23rd World Congress of Psychiatry in Vienna today, WPA has officially announced the results of its 2023 elections, revealing the new leadership that will guide the global psychiatric community over the next triennium. The election, conducted among WPA members from around the world, saw an engaged participation, reflecting the organisation's commitment to promoting mental health and advancing the field of psychiatry.

Results of Elections for all open Executive Committee positions are shown below:

President Elect: Professor Thomas G. Schulze

Secretary General: Professor Saul Levin

Secretary for Finances: Professor Paul Summergrad (Continuing from preceding triennium)

Secretary for Education and Publications: Professor Norbert Skokauskas

Secretary for Meetings: Professor Edmond Pi (Continuing from preceding triennium)

Secretary for Scientific Sections: Professor Armen Soghoyan

For the full list of EC candidates, please click here.

The full results of the elections for all Board (Zonal Representative) positions, can be found here.

The World Psychiatric Association extends its appreciation to all candidates who participated in the election, as well as its members for their active engagement in the voting process. This election marks another step forward in the organisation's mission to provide leadership and resources for psychiatrists and mental health professionals worldwide.

With the newly elected leadership team in place, the World Psychiatric Association is poised to continue its vital work in advancing mental health research, education, and advocacy on a global scale under the presidency of Prof. Danuta Wasserman. Prof. Danuta Wasserman and her colleagues are ready to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world and strive for a future where mental health is a priority for all.

Author: WPA



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