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World Psychiatry reaches an impact factor of 79.683 & maintains its number one position

Prof. Maj, World Psychiatry Editor and World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Council Member, is glad to announce the new impact factor of World Psychiatry is 79.683. The journal is number 1 in the list of psychiatric journals for the seventh consecutive year, and no. 1 in the Social Sciences Citation Index for the fifth consecutive year.

World Psychiatry is the official journal of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA). It is published regularly in three languages (English, Spanish and Russian), with individual issues or articles also available on the WPA website in other languages (Chinese, French, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Romanian and Polish).

The journal aims to inform as many psychiatrists and other mental health professionals as possible, worldwide, on recent clinical, service and research developments. It focuses on topics that are relevant to their professional growth and everyday clinical practice and uses language that can be assimilated by most.

Prof. Maj commented: “The journal’s new impact factor is noteworthy as the impact factors of most scientific journals have increased significantly this year due to the citations of COVID-related papers.” He continued, “However, this variable has affected our journal much less than some others, as we have been more selective in which COVID-related papers we have accepted compared to other journals over the past couple of years. Therefore, our impact factor is less likely to decrease significantly when the impact of COVID-related papers will vanish.”

More than 60,000 mental health professionals regularly receive the electronic or the print version of the journal. All the back issues can be freely downloaded from the PubMed system and the WPA website. In addition, all WPA Member Societies and Scientific Sections are welcome to provide a list of their members who wish to regularly receive (free of charge) the electronic version of the journal here.

Author: WPA


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