Dear Friends and Colleagues from around the world,

One again, the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Quarterly Period of October to December 2013 was a very active and successful one for all of us in the WPA, especially me.

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The 15th World Congress of Psychiatry: the most attended meeting in the history of WPA

The 15th World Congress of Psychiatry, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 18 to 22 September 2011 has been the most attended meeting in the history of the WPA and...

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Invitation for the WPA 2014 Jean Delay prize nominations

The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) is again seeking nominations for the “2014 Jean Delay Prize”. The Prize will be presented to the selected nominee during the XVI WPA World Congress of Psychiatry being held in Madrid, Spain on September 14-18, 2014

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WPA 16th World Congress of Psychiatry

14.09.2014 - 18.09.2014
Spain / Madrid
Organizer: Spanish Society of Psychiatry (SEP)
Collaboration: Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry (AEN), Portuguese Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health (SPPSM)

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The WPA-WHO Global Survey of Psychiatrists’ Attitudes Towards Mental Disorders Classification

This article describes the results of the WPA-WHO Global Survey of 4,887 psychiatrists in 44 countries regarding their use of diagnostic classification systems in clinical practice, and the desirable characteristics of a classification of mental disorders.

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WPA Guidance Papers are published

As part of its Action Plan 2008-2011, the WPA has produced four guidance papers on "Steps, obstacles and mistakes to avoid in the implementation of community mental health care", "How to combat stigmatization of psychiatry and...

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WPA Programme on Depression in Persons with Physical Diseases

The WPA has started a programme aiming to raise the awareness of the prevalence and prognostic implications of depression in persons with physical diseases.

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WPA Educational Module - Physical Illness in Patients with Severe Mental Disorders

I. Prevalence, impact of medications and disparities in health care

II. Barriers to care, monitoring and treatment guidelines, plus recommendations at the system and individual level

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