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WPA President launches 2023-2026 Action Plan

Prof. Danuta Wasserman

WPA President Professor Danuta Wasserman intends for her Action Plan to boost the mental health of patients, psychiatric staff, and the general public through encouraging and enabling psychiatrists and the field of psychiatry to embrace communication, prevention, international collaboration, and a new leadership role in society.

According to Prof. Wasserman, “This strategic initiative aims to transcend traditional boundaries, extending mental health advancements beyond the realms of psychiatry and medicine and into the very fabric of society.”

At the heart of the WPA's Action Plan lies the recognition that good mental health is fundamental to individual and collective decision-making, harmonious relations, and thriving communities, serving as the bedrock for a brighter future for all. Aligned with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the WPA Action Plan capitalises on the positive reciprocal relationships between improved mental health and various crucial aspects such as poverty reduction, hunger alleviation, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, employment, sustainable communities, and strong, inclusive institutions.

Another area of the Action Plan strives to boost the mental health of patients, psychiatric staff, and the general public through the establishment of a Healthy Lifestyles Hub, which will serve as a nexus for promoting mental well-being through healthy lifestyle choices.

You can read the Action Plan 2023-2026 HERE.

You can explore the Healthy Lifestyle Hub HERE.

As the WPA takes proactive and transformative steps toward a more inclusive and culturally competent field of psychiatry, the Action Plan signals a paradigm shift in mental health advocacy, setting the stage for a healthier and more resilient global community.

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Mar 01

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