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The Women's Mental Health (WMH) Section main purpose is to provide objective research findings and to inform health practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and the public about disparities between women and men in regard to risk, prevalence, presentation, course, and treatment of mental disorders.

The WMH section aims to promote international and interdisciplinary collaboration between psychiatrists , mental health practitioners and government institutions so that appropriate sex- and gender-based interventions can be developed and used to enhance women’s overall wellbeing.

The WMH section has already published a position statements on the role of violence and discrimination in the genesis of mental health problems in women as well as a curriculum to be used in clinical and academic centres. These 2 documents have been approved and published in 5 languages.

Another matter of importance for the WMH section is that women’s mental health issues are always on the agendas of the thematic, regional and world WPA conferences. Finally the WMH targets to ensure a significant presence of women within WPA scientific and executive committees.

Section officers


Josyan Madi-Skaff - Chair - Women's Ment

Josyan Madi Skaff

Address: The Lebanese Hospital – Geitawi, Geitawi Street – Achrafieh, 
Beirut, Lebanon
Phone: +961 1 590000
Fax: +961 1 577377



Natalia Semenova

Address: Department of Outpatient Psychiatry, 
Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry – subsidiary, 
The Serbsky Federal Research Center for Psychiatry and Narcology, 
7-2-374, Simonovsky Val, 109044 Moscow, Russia   
Phone: +7 495 963 76 26
Fax: +7 499 162 10 03


Heba Habib - Secretary - Women's Mental

Heba Allah Habib

Address: PHASE, Psychological Health, 
Awareness Society in Egypt, 24 Street 100, Maadi, 
Cairo 11431, Egypt
Phone: +202 23592821/20 10 100 100 2590

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