Public Mental Health

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Public Mental Health 

Mental disorder accounts for at least 20% of global disease burden due to a combination of high prevalence, most lifetime mental disorder arising before adulthood, and a broad range of impacts across health, education, employment, social relationships, crime, violence and stigma . Poor mental wellbeing has a similar broad range of impacts. Crises such as COVID-19 are likely to further increase risk of mental disorder, relapse of mental disorder and poor mental wellbeing. 

Some of the proposed work for Public Mental Health include the following: 

  1. Raise awareness, value, acceptance and prioritisation of PMH in national health policies. 

  2. Support PMH proposals including for national mental health needs assessments and actions to address unmet PMH need. 

  3. Support PMH training to professionals and trainees across mental health, public health and policy to support capacity building. 

  4. Integrate a PMH approach to chronic physical disease management and prevention through engagement with primary and general health care systems. 

  5. Support a PMH approach in other areas of the 2020-23 Action Plan including child, adolescent and youth mental health, addressing co-morbidity, partnership with other organisations and capacity. 

Examples of work