WPA Working Group launches Public Mental Health Briefing on COVID-19

A briefing on public mental health and COVID-19 has been published by the WPA 2020-2023 Action Plan working group on Public Mental Health.

The briefing summarises:

  • Physical impacts of COVID-19

  • Mental health impacts of COVID-19

  • Prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection

  • Public mental health interventions including to address COVID-19

  • Public mental health intervention implementation gap

  • Action to address the public mental health intervention implementation gap including for COVID-19

  • International and country resources

  • Courses and training

The briefing was written by Dr Jonathan Campion, Director for Public Mental Health at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and lead for the working group on Public Mental Health for the WPA Action Plan 2020-23.

Dr Afzal Javed, President Elect of the World Psychiatric Association said:

The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) welcomes this timely briefing on public mental health and COVID-19. Public mental health is a central part of WPA's Action Plan for 2020-2023 and this briefing exemplifies how a population approach to mental health is even more important during crises such as COVID-19. The WPA is pleased to share this publication with our member societies to support their work in reducing the impact of COVID on population mental health.

Read the full report HERE

For further information, contact Jonathan Campion at Jonathan.Campion@slam.nhs.uk

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