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More interviews added in the WPA “Meet the Leaders” series

World Psychiatric Association continues to publish new videos as part of their “Meet the Leaders” interview film series

WPA EC and Council Members

As part of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) "Meet the Leaders" series, we are publishing interviews from the current WPA Executive Committee (EC) members and past WPA Presidents. Over the past couple of months we have released interviews from the entire current EC and are now starting to post the videos from previous WPA Presidents (and current WPA Council members). In this insightful series of interviews, each member has shared not only a summary of their valuable contributions to the association and the field of mental health in general over the years, but also their personal views on the contributions made by WPA and its member associations.

Since its launch, we have published the following interviews:

Prof. Afzal Javed, President WPA

Professor Petr Morozov - Secretary General, WPA
Professor Roger Ng - Secretary Education, WPA
Professor Michel Botbol - Secretary Publication, WPA
Professor Edmond H. Pi - Secretary Meetings
Professor Danuta Wasserman, President Elect
Professor Thomas G. Schulze, Secretary for Scientific Sections
Professor Paul Summergrad, Secretary for Finances
and now
Professor Jorge Alberto Costa e Silva, Former WPA President and current WPA Council Member

You can view all the published interviews on the “Meet the Leader” page here.

​Over the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing interviews from some of the former WPA Presidents and Council members. Work is still continuing in the background and following this series, we will also be interviewing WPA Zonal Representatives and Action Plan Working Group Chairs.

Make sure you don't miss an interview by regularly visiting the “Meet the Leaders” webpage or by subscribing to our YouTube channel or other social media channels.

Author: WPA



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