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New “Working with migrants and refugees” webinar is now available on the Education Portal

The new “Working with migrants and refugees - why do we need cultural competence?” webinar is now available on the WPA Education Portal

With increasing globalisation and movement of people across national boundaries due to more frequent conflicts and disasters, it is important for service providers to become aware of the various needs of the patients they look after. The inclusion of cultural competence into psychiatric-psychotherapeutic training and practice is therefore a matter of growing relevance.

This webinar focuses on cultural competence and why it is needed in working with migrant and refugee patients.

Part of the World Psychiatric Association Webinar Series, this webinar took place on Friday 4th November 2022. The webinar was delivered by 4 highly acclaimed experts in mental health who address this important area from different perspectives:

Prof. Roberto Lewis-Fernández:

Cultural competence: The Cultural Formulation Interview and it's role in mental health assessment

Dr. Hans Rohlof:

Role of cultural competence in the clinician-patient relationship

Prof. Ahmet Tamer Aker:

Cultural competence in working with traumatized migrants and refugees

Dr. Margaret Uddin Ojeahere:

Cultural competence in working with internally displaced persons (children) challenges and lessons

A recording of the webinar is now available for viewing on WPA’s Education Portal here.

This webinar was made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from Viatris. The sponsor had no influence on the design and development of the programme or any associated materials.

Those who view the webinar will be able to download the WPA CPD Certificate and associated CPD points for this webinar via the WPA's Education Portal.

For any queries relating to this education module or the WPA Education Portal in general, please contact

Author: WPA Education Coordinator



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