Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Prof Vlado Jukić

Professor Vlado Jukić, longtime director of the University psychiatric Hospital Vrapče, a giant of Croatian psychiatry, passed away on March 3, 2019

Professor Vlado Jukić was born on June 23, 1951, in Posušje, where he finished elementary and high school. He graduated University of Zagreb School of Medicine in 1976. During his lifetime, he achieved the highest professional and scientific accomplishments, and held a number of highest positions. He was the recipient of numerous awards and acknowledgments. As a person of exceptionally broad views and interests, completely dedicated to his profession, he influenced not only the position and the place of modern Croatian psychiatry, but also with his work indebted the wider society. He was a tireless fighter for the rights of individuals with mental disorders, initiator of the idea of proclamation of the Day of the Rights of Persons with Mental Disorders.

Professor Vlado Jukić will be remembered as the most successful and the longest-serving director of the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče. With his death ends an important era of Croatian psychiatry in which Professor Jukić made an indelible mark. 

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