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Russian Society of Psychiatrists

The first all-Russian congress with international participation “Women mental health – interdisciplinary status” brought together about 630 participants from 12 countries from Australia, America, Europe and Asia at the V.M. Bekhterev National Research Medical Center for Psychiatry and Neurology in Saint-Petersburg, on October 8-9, 2018. The congress was organized under the leadership of Prof. Helen Herrman, WPA president and prof. N. Neznanov, president of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists with the support of Russian Ministry of Health and Russian Academy of Sciences.

Aiming to face up the main challenges of women mental health maintenance the program included various symposia on a range of the most relevant topics like the impact of sexual hormones on affective disorders, maternity and caregiving, problems of aggression and self-destructive behavior, eating disorders, breast cancer and comorbid mental disorders,  migration and mental health in women. We benefited from diverse perspectives bringing together specialists form different disciplines psychiatrists, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, oncologists, cardiologists and others. It allowed us to provide a high level scientific program and to make mental health care more relevant and we hope more effective in the future for the  female patients in the different fields of medicine. We were very much impressed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants focused mainly on the high quality of the program that was different in tis content from other scientific events of recent years. The book “Women mental health: from hysteria to gender sensitive approach” published to the congress opening was also met with great enthusiasm.

Prof. N. G. Neznanov (President) and  Prof. A. V. Vasileva



Unknown member
6 days ago

The program covered a wide range of important topics and brought together specialists from various disciplines to provide a high level scientific program. It's wonderful to hear that the feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive and that the program was different from other scientific events in recent years. I would also like to introduce Omegle Chat is a platform where people can have anonymous conversations with strangers, and it could be a great way for individuals to connect and discuss mental health topics.


Unknown member
Jun 27, 2023

The book "Women's Mental Health: From Hysteria to a Gender-Sensitive Approach," which was published at the beginning of the congress, was also very well received. drift boss


The book "Women's mental health: from hysteria to a gender-sensitive approach," which came out at the start of the congress, was also very well received. mapquest directions

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