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Supporting Member Societies during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

In May 2020, the WPA established an Advisory Committee in Response to Emergencies (ACRE) to respond to the COVID 19 pandemic and future emergencies. The Committee members are representatives from large Member Societies and Member Societies with a significant regional influence.

The following list gives you an idea of some of the invaluable ways in which the Committee representatives have provided specific support to countries in need:

American Psychiatric Association:

  • donated 18 boxes (360) of N95 masks each to El Salvador Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala (some logistical difficulties were experienced, but these are being addressed).

German Association of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic:

  • donated €2000 to the development of a WPA Regional Russian language website, aiming to provide advice and materials related to the pandemic.

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists donated:

  • $2000 to Papua New Guinea for a mental health awareness programme regarding psycho-social aspects of COVID 19

  • $2000 to the Solomon Islands for a COVID 19 awareness programme in West Kwaio region of Malaita

  • $2000 to fund transport for the outpatient team in Vanuatu.

The World Psychiatric Association donated:

  • a grant of $2000 to support child workers who provide information and advice on mental health in schools in rural Nepal

  • a grant of $2000 to Ukraine in order to provide protective equipment.

Royal College of Psychiatrists UK is providing support to Belarus by:

  • organising webinars on the theme of trauma and violence in the context of COVID 19

  • deploying their volunteer programme in Belarus (once travel restrictions are eased)

  • encouraging their members to visit Belarus and set up workshops delivering specific training (as soon as possible).

The WPA is grateful to Member Societies for their willingness to participate in this programme and for their generous donations. We hope this generosity will continue to support those in need.



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